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Joe Vitt denies Gregg Williams' bounty program claims

New Orleans Saints interim coach Joe Vitt denied former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams' claim that he refused to end the bounty program.

The Associated Press received transcripts of Williams' testimony during the appeals process of the four suspended Saints players. Williams testified Vitt was adamant that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell "wasn't going to ... tell us to ... stop doing what won us the Super Bowl. This has been going on in the ... National Football League forever, and it will go on here forever, when they run (me) out of there, it will still go on."

Vitt responded to reports of the testimony during his Thursday news conference. Vitt knew Williams' testimony would make him look bad.

"We knew this was going to come out, and it's a shame," Vitt said, according to WWL-TV in New Orleans. "We knew that the scuds were going to come. We knew there would be a leakage of information.

"To the day I die, I'm going to defend the intent of these football players. ... I've already served my time. Mickey (Loomis, the Saints' general manager) has already served my time. I don't know what door on Park Avenue to knock on to get my rep back."

So now we've reached the point of this mess where testimonies are released/leaked and we see who pointed the finger at whom. That's followed by a round of reactions to the testimony.

If you thought former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue's ruling would end this whole thing, don't hold your breath.

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