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Joe Philbin worried about fixing Dolphins, not job security

LONDON -- Despite another unenthusiastic start to another Dolphins' loss, it appears the team could be on the verge of another week without any major changes in the organization.

Head coach Joe Philbin said he spoke to owner Stephen Ross after the game, while noting he is not concerned about his job security in the wake of the conversation. Philbin also said he has no intentions of firing defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle, who has come under intense public scrutiny due to a lack of early success from his high-paid defense.

"Nope, not at all," Philbin said when asked if he's worried about being fired. "I'm worried about getting this team straightened out, fixed and getting our team ready to play the Tennessee Titans."

"We still can't panic. It all seems like the walls are closing in on you," Philbin continued. "We all realize that. We got to look at things, we got to be honest about where we are and what we're doing well, what we're not doing well -- correct those things, emphasize them, and obviously we're 0-12 on third down today. We got to get that area fixed. There's some things that need to be fixed, no question about it and that's what the next 14 days are going to be all about."

Players in the locker room didn't blame their coaches for the loss, seemingly rolling with the company line that they need to execute plays better.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill did express frustration with the lack of points scored, but it was clear based on earlier comments he was not intending it as a knock on the coaches.

"It's ridiculous," Tannehill said of the low offensive output. "We have playmakers. We have opportunities. We're just not getting it done."

Before Sunday's game, team sources said Ross is both confused and upset with the team's lethargic start -- but the sources also noted Ross had yet to place any specific parameters on what it would take to cause him to make an organizational change. It also did not seem as if any options were off the table.

Whether Ross' conversation with Philbin after the game was intended to be an absolute endorsement of job security -- or whether it was merely a way to stall the situation until the Dolphins return from London -- no doubt remains to be seen.

If Ross intends to make a coaching change, this week would be the only logical time to do it since Miami is entering its bye week. Should Philbin remain the coach, it would be hard to envision him losing his job before Week 17.

No matter what Ross' decision might be, the Dolphins had a long and dark flight ahead Sunday -- figuratively and literally.

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