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Joe McKnight: McDonald's reason I gained 16 pounds

New York Jets running back Joe McKnight's introduction to the NFL was not a pretty one. He threw up and cramped up throughout his rookie minicamp in 2010.

It didn't get much better when he failed the team's conditioning test at training camp later that summer and was the subject of a lot of grousing by Jets coaches during that season's edition of HBO's "Hard Knocks".

It appeared that McKnight matured in his second season. He certainly was a bigger factor on the field -- especially kick returns. Now McKnight is simply just bigger.

McKnight told the New York Daily News he gained 16 pounds this offseason by eating a "lot of McDonald's." The Super Size Me diet apparently doesn't work well for NFL players.

"I was eating healthy, but the majority of time I was eating bad. I wasn't eating all the right stuff. ... Like Tim Tebow," McKnight said.

It's nice to see that Tebow is already providing a nutritional beacon of hope for guys like McKnight. Meanwhile, the Jets might want to think about getting more running back depth behind Shonn Greene.

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