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Joe Lombardi: Lions' offense will be similar to Saints

New Lions new offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi isn't just bringing a famous last name to Detroit; he also will bring the New Orleans Saints' offensive playbook.

"There will be a lot of similarities (to the Saints' playbook)," the former New Orleans quarterbacks coach said Friday. "You are going to see some difference, but the playbook that we are starting from is the Saints' playbook, so it will certainly be very similar."

Lombardi said he plans to call the plays, but the game-planning will be a collaborative effort between the entire offensive staff -- presumably including head coach Jim Caldwell -- throughout the week.

The first-time offensive coordinator said one thing he plans to mimic from his time in New Orleans is utilizing multiple formations that take advantage of a player's strength.

"I think that is the thing when people look at the Saints' offense, that is what they see, the number of different personnel groupings, all the different formations in order to help put those players in the best position to be successful," Lombardi said.

Here are some other notes from Lombardi's introductory news conference:

"Every quarterback could tighten up some of his footwork issues. And Matthew has got such a talented arm that I think there are times when he is making throws that you say, 'Hey, maybe you shouldn't have thrown that because of the position of your feet' or whatnot. I looked at every single one of his interceptions in depth and not every single one was something Matthew did wrong. ... So I was a little encouraged after watching that this was not an interception machine. Like every other quarterback, he needs to get better. ... I'm by no means saying he is the perfect quarterback, but he's smart, he works hard and he's talented."

The concession that Stafford can improve his footwork is a positive step that the previous staff refused to make.

2) One quote that should have Reggie Bush excited to be back in a Saints-type offense:

"It's about personnel," Lombardi said. "You know, scheme's important, what you do is important, but how you do it and who you are doing it with is most important."

3) Lombardi said that he and Caldwell plan to hire a quarterbacks coach, despite the fact that both men coached the position last season.

4) A quote you wouldn't expect from Vince Lombardi's grandson:

"I think when you come from a football family, you are encouraged not to get into football."

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