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Joe Haden: 'We (expletive) can't stand losing, it hurts'

The Cleveland Browns have bottomed out.

Sunday's disappointing loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars dropped the team to 4-8 on the season and out of contention for anything but another high draft pick.

Despite a record-setting day from ascendant wide receiver Josh Gordon, mistakes killed Cleveland. Joe Haden -- arguably a Pro Bowl-level cornerback -- was badly beaten on Jacksonville's game-winning touchdown strike from Chad Henne to Cecil Shorts.

Another year, another sad song along the shores of Lake Erie.

"We (expletive) can't stand losing, it hurts," Haden said, per The Plain Dealer. "I go out there and put my (bleeping) heart out there every time. Every time. You know what I'm saying? And we end up coming up short. It was my fault on the touchdown. (Shorts) ran a good route, a good play, good offense.

"Don't take anything from our D, we're out there every time grinding, fighting. This (stuff) hurts," Haden said. "Every time we start losing ... we're tired of it and there's nothing we can say. And, you're gonna to come with the same questions every week and we're gonna give you the same answers. 'We're gonna get better next week, we're gonna get better next week.' Until we do it, there's nothing else to talk about."

The Browns, at their best, resemble a team just a quarterback away from doing damage inside the AFC North. Haden's ill coverage came at the worst time Sunday, but he's the best defensive player on a squad filled with talent on that side of the ball.

Still, the instructions for Cleveland's star-crossed fan base are unchanging and cruel: Wait 'til next year.

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