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Joe Flacco went to McDonald's because he had to

Joe Flacco went to McDonald's on Monday.

This is the kind of thing that Americans do all of the time. Usually, they just don't do it after signing a $120.6 million contract with the local NFL franchise of record.

Not so long ago, Flacco was known as a proficient quarterback devoid of charisma. His own father described him as "dull" four times in a two-sentence stretch before the Baltimore Ravens played in Super Bowl XLVII.

That changed after Flacco was named MVP of that game, then signed a contract that will put Joseph Flacco XII through medical school at Mars U. Just like that, the narrative has shifted. "That guy's so boring!" has become "That guy's just like us!"

Flacco now is the conquering everyman hero -- Bruce Springsteen in shoulder pads.

"I was kind of shocked, kind of shaking a little bit," McDonald's drive-thru employee Sherry Norman told The Baltimore Sun of Flacco's visit.

"He's just a normal person, down-to-earth."

We get it. If we were Flacco, we'd go to McDonald's, too, after putting pen to paper on a contract that changed our life forever. We'd be hankering for a 10-piece McNuggets that would prove -- on some strange level -- we still were the same person.

At the very least, it would serve as proof our new tax bracket didn't mean we'd be forced to subsist on beluga caviar and 64-year-old Macallan scotch until the money ran out.

These are rich-people problems. Literally.

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