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Joe Flacco jokes he can 'stick it' to Baltimore Ravens

NEW ORLEANS -- Joe Flacco says he didn't have to change to become a Super Bowl champion. He's been the same talented, even-keeled guy all along. But beating the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday is bound to change him.

"(Baltimore Ravens owner) Steve Bisciotti told me that if this happens, I could go pound on his desk and really stick it to him. And that's exactly what I'm going to do," Flacco joked on the NFL Network set after the game.

It was awesome to see Flacco so loose and enjoying the moment after the game. He's a funny guy when he wants to be, with a dry sense of humor. His comments on his contract had Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders nearly falling off the set when he talked about his brothers wanting a piece of the pie, too.

"Listen, I haven't thought about that all year, but the year is over now," Flacco joked about his contract.

Flacco made it clear during his Monday morning press conference that he was kidding about the contract. He said after the game that he plans to be a "Raven for life" and assumed on Monday that the contract would get taken care of.

"I love being (in Baltimore), great city, so I don't really anticipate any problems," Flacco said.

We don't, either. Never did.

The Ravens knew they had a franchise quarterback in Flacco all along. The only question was how much he would earn next season. Flacco's play this postseason guaranteed he'll be in the financial company of the NFL's top five quarterbacks.

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