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Joe Flacco credits no huddle for Ravens' improved play

I came up with a list of reasons earlier in the week explaining why the Baltimore Ravensshould hang with the Denver Broncos this time around. Joe Flacco's recent big plays were part of the discussion, but I overlooked one key aspect to the Ravens offense.

They are running the no-huddle attack more often.

"It's tough to change philosophy," Flacco told the Dan Patrick Show on Friday via Chris Pika. "The last couple of weeks, we got back to no-huddle. As offense, we're comfortable in it."

Flacco just explained why offensive coordinator Cam Cameron was fired in 25 words or less. (At least it looks like 25 words or less. You expect me to count?)

Baltimore hasn't changed that much since offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell took over, but they have successfully gone down the field more often lately. It's often come in a hurry-up approach. Caldwell's first game at the helm was the team's embarrassing offensive effort against the Broncos in Week 15. Since then, they've moved the ball very well against the New York Giants and Indianapolis Colts. (We're ignoring the Week 17 game in-between when the Ravens didn't try to win.)

Maybe it's wishful thinking, but I've convinced myself that the Ravens and Broncos should be a fantastic start to the football weekend. It will feature two teams that are better off in the no huddle. This is how Baltimore got everyone excited to start the season, and this is their best chance of playing another week.

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