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Jockey ready to empty its wallet if Tebow wins Super Bowl

Tim Tebow endorsing an underwear company remains a beguiling pairing in the minds of some, but it could mean big things for sock drawers everywhere if the Broncos win the Super Bowl.

In a contest announced Thursday, Jockey is putting $1 million on the line -- in the form of a $15,000 grand prize (presumably in honor of the QB's No. 15 jersey) and a mountain of $25 gift cards to entrants -- if the Tebow Express chugs its way to Indianapolis and wipes out the NFC foe.

Tall order, to be sure.

If Aaron Rodgers peddled undergarments, a Super Bowl contest could drain Jockey's warehouse, but the concept of Denver blasting its way through the AFC's big boys remains a stretch. Still, the next game's always the one Tebow's pegged to lose -- for instance, this Sunday against the Patriots -- but come the final whistle, everybody's wandering the halls in disbelief.

Somewhere inside headquarters, Jockey's version of Don Draper is sitting pretty, building himself another scotch amid the pale glow of his Tebow screensaver. When the company signed the young quarterback as a spokesman in July 2010, it was clear they'd grabbed a polarizing, intriguing figure. Little did they know where he'd be today.

Or where he'll be on the fifth of February.

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