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Jimmy Graham: I have to stop goal-post dunks now

Jimmy Graham caused a slight kerfuffle when he decided to dunk twice after touchdowns during Friday's 31-24 preseason win over the Tennessee Titans.

With the new rule outlawing that particular post-score celebration -- colloquially known as "The Jimmy Graham rule" after the tight end knocked a goal post off kilter last season -- Graham garnered penalties that led to some heated words exchanged between coach Sean Payton and his player during the game.

The two met over the weekend to discuss the penalties and the emotional exchange. Payton spoke positively about the meeting and isn't worried about the penalties in the future.

Graham still doesn't like the NFL's rule, but insisted on Sunday he would "never do anything to hurt the team" during the regular season.

"You know, for four years and however many touchdowns, I've always dunked it. And I just gotta stop doing that now," Graham said, per

Graham added that his dunks weren't any planned protest against the rule, but rather an in-the-moment continuation of an action he's performed throughout his career

"The rule (is) unfortunate because I just love the game. I have a lot of passion for the game. And when I go out there on Sunday, it's fun for me," Graham said. "And I feel like a little kid out there. And sometimes I act like it."

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