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Jimmy Garoppolo moving closer toward 49ers deal

MINNEAPOLIS -- While Jimmy Garoppolo's former team plays in Super Bowl LII, the 49ers quarterback is moving closer toward cashing in with his new team.

Long-term contract extension negotiations between Garoppolo and the 49ers have gained significant momentum, and a deal could get done in the near future, sources informed of the situation said.

The lucrative, multi-year contract would mark the completion of a whirlwind process that began when he was surprisingly traded from the Patriots to San Francisco before eventually embarking on a stunning five-game win streak. The Niners wanted him as their franchise quarterback and his play warranted the investment that's coming.

There is work to be done over the next several days, but sources said the optimism coming from the organization has been warranted.

The deal is expected to pay Garoppolo in the upper echelon of NFL QBs.

In Mobile, Alabama, for the Senior Bowl, general manager John Lynch sounded like talks on Garoppolo's long-term future with the team were heading in the right direction.

"When you find the right guy at that position, it's really good for your franchise," Lynch said. "We believe we've found the right guy. Now the challenge is getting Jimmy signed. We're working hard towards that. We'll see. I think he wants to be with us and we want him there. I think it makes too much sense not to happen. So it's just a matter of getting it done."

Garoppolo was replaced by Brian Hoyer as Tom Brady's backup. One coach who spent plenty of time with Garoppolo was Pats assistant QB coach Jerry Schuplinski, who was not surprised to see Jimmy G's success in San Francisco.

"Just like every other quarterback when they come back, I want to find out what their makeup is," Schuplinski said. "Do they want to win, do they want to work hard? Do they want to put in the time? In Jimmy, I saw a guy who learned what he needed to do, had a great mentor in Tom, you could just see him get better and better and better. So, no, I'm not surprised. I'm proud of him. I want him to do well."

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