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Jim Schwartz will not talk about his contract

Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz is fairly far removed from the top of the Bill Belichick coaching tree, but Schwartz does resemble his one-time mentor in a lot of ways.

No, Belichick never wore a faux hawk or tweeted about Kid Rock. But Schwartz is among the league's most disciplined coaches when it comes to obscuring injury and contract information. Schwartz has only one year left on his deal, but he refuses to give an update on a possible extension.

"I don't talk about my contract, that's why," Schwartz said via the Detroit Free Press.

Pressed further on the issue: 

"I don't talk about my contract."

Schwartz still has a ways to go to reach coaching secrecy nirvana like Belichick. No one in New England ever seems to know when Belichick's contract ends, when it is extended or how much money Belichick makes. No one even tries to find out anymore. 

We will likely find out when Schwartz signs a new deal. We'd expect it to happen before the season. He and GM Martin Mayhew have done an incredible job turning around the franchise after the Matt Millen era. 

When a coaching contract is this much of a no-brainer, it almost always gets done before the coach enters his "lame duck" contract year.

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