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Jim Schwartz: Ndamukong Suh will make big TV splash

Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz has no problem with his Pro Bowl defensive tackle, Ndamukong Suh, participating in the ABC reality television show, "Celebrity Diving."

(Smash cut to Lions fans shaking their heads in exasperation.)

"There will be a tsunami somewhere," Schwartz joked Wednesday from the Senior Bowl, via The Detroit News.

Schwartz said Suh likely would have had to get the activity cleared with the Lions' front office, but the coach didn't sound concerned about his best defensive player risking injury for a reality show.

"You're going into water," he said.

We're wondering if Schwartz has ever seen the end of "Air Force One." That plane was just "going into water," too, Jim.

Some of Suh's teammates told, which originally published pictures of Suh in his swim trunks, they were concerned about the 6-foot-4, 307-pound lineman getting injured plummeting from a high diving board.

Their coach, on the other hand, was in a teaching mood.

"I did take a couple physics courses, but there's something about displacement of water," Schwartz said. "Even if he goes in like those Chinese divers that don't even make a ripple, it's going to move a lot of water."

The point of the show clearly is to watch pseudo-celebrities belly-flop into a pool and potentially get hurt in the process. Whether Suh's reason for joining the circus is to try and mend his damaged public image or just for fun, it's a silly stunt for a guy who's still in the prime of his NFL career.

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