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Jim Schwartz, Lions agree on contract extension

Jim Schwartz joined the Detroit Lions when the organization was at its lowest point in a long history of futility. The turnaround he has engendered over the last three years is nothing short of remarkable, and the team has rewarded him for it. reported Friday that Schwartz has agreed to terms on a new multi-year contract extension, citing a league source. The length of the contract and financial terms were not reported.

UPDATE:Lions president Tom Lewand later confirmed the extension to the Detroit Free Press.

"I'll confirm that we've agreed on a multi-year contract extension but, beyond that, we've been consistent all along that we're not going to comment on his contract," Lewand said.

"I think Jim has said he's not going to comment and my response to that is I'll comment on it the day after he does."

All the offseason arrests in the world would not change the Detroit Lions' commitment to Schwartz. Taking over an 0-16 club, Schwartz led the team to a 2-14 record in 2009. He improved their record to 6-10 in 2010 and helped them to a playoff appearance after going 10-6 last year. Schwartz refused to discuss his contract all offseason, but he likely knew that he would get taken care of.

Now Schwartz and general manager Martin Mayhew have to get their young players under control and transform a good team to a great one. Taking over the Lions was the ultimate rebuilding project for Schwartz.

He succeeded faster than anyone could have expected. And yet, Schwartz's current challenge is even tougher. One-time playoff appearances are relatively common for young teams. Turning the Lions into a consistent powerhouse that competes for titles year after year will be trickier.

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