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Jim Schwartz: Jim Harbaugh handshake 'so long ago'

If you're waiting around for more handshake drama Sunday night, don't hold your breath.

San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh and his Detroit Lions counterpart, Jim Schwartz, already have buried the hatchet following their messy postgame confrontation last October.

"That seems so long ago that that occurred," Schwartz told the Detroit Free Press this week. "When two teams take the field, that's not going to be on one player's mind and that's the only thing that's important."

For those who spent last autumn in a subterranean sea base, here's what went down: In the seconds after the 49ers capped a 25-19 victory over the Lions in Week 6, an overexcited Harbaugh trotted toward Schwartz at midfield. Instead of eye-contact and a handshake, Harbaugh slapped Schwartz's hand, allegedly mouthed an expletive and then bounced away. Schwartz wasn't pleased. He trailed after Harbaugh and went at him verbally before they were separated by players and security.  

"It's completely irrelevant," Harbaugh said. "To put it next to the game itself is missing the point in my opinion. I don't know if I have anything more that I could possibly add to it."

The coaches have met since -- and, yes, shaken hands -- at the combine in February and at the owners' meetings in March. Those meetings went off "without incident," according to Schwartz, and that's what he's expecting Sunday.

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