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Jim Kelly: Tom Brady can lead Patriots back

During his Hall of Fame career, Jim Kelly was the quarterback on a Buffalo Bills team that lost four consecutive Super Bowls, including back-to-back losses to the Dallas Cowboys.

Given his experience in bringing his team back to the playoffs following soul-crushing defeats in Super Bowls, Kelly discussed how New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will be affected coming off another Super Bowl loss to the New York Giants during a Tuesday morning appearance on "NFL AM."

"The thing is, he's been there before," Kelly said of Brady. "He's won them, he's lost them before. He's your quarterback that every owner in the National Football League would love to have. When he gets mad, he lets you know it. He's so disciplined, though, with the things he does on and off the field and on the sidelines.

"He knows how to do it. Like I said, he's been there before, he's lost the game. It's hard, but the thing is, probably one of the keys is, how do the other players on his team react to a devastating loss like that, again to the New York Giants? It's not easy, but I think that as time goes on, you go through training camp, you have to be quick to forget about what happened, but learn from it also."

The Patriots have lost two Super Bowls under Brady, who didn't get the chance to properly lead them back to the playoffs after his 2008 season was ended by a torn ACL after just 15 plays. Brady and nose tacke Vince Wilfork are the only two players remaining from the 2004 squad that won the franchise's last Super Bowl. Either through free agency or retirement, the Patriots are fielding their youngest roster of the Bill Belichick Era.

That youth might actually help the Patriots block the disappointment of last February's loss, as they'll have fewer aging veterans pondering the openness of Super Bowl windows.

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