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Jim Irsay tweets on possible Indianapolis Colts trade

You have to love Jim Irsay.

There are many NFL owners, but only one who sends out tweets like this:

The Colts have so many holes on their roster, it's hard to speculate one area of need.

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace has deep ties to offensive coordinator Bruce Arians. Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew is open to a change of scenery and would certainly represent an upgrade over Donald Brown.

Then again, who knows? We suggest Colts fans keep refreshing Irsay's Twitter page. You never know when another hint will come buried deep within a Don Henley lyric.

UPDATE:Multiple reports have stated that Jones-Drew is not the Colts' target, with one saying that Irsay and Co. are chasing a cornerback.

UPDATE II:In the wee hours of the night, Irsay wrote on Twitter, "It's standing 1am...shut it Paul Simon says..'There's only so much you can do..go on and get some rest...' "

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