Jim Irsay: Owners might open 'tampering window' for free agents

CHICAGO -- NFL owners are looking at possibly opening a "tampering window" that would allow teams and players and agents to talk to each other before a potential free agent's contract is up.

That's one topic the NFL Competition Committee will discuss while in Chicago for the NFL Fall Meeting that takes place Tuesday, according to Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay.

"(We'll look at) some tinkering with the tampering rules, where there may be a three-day window where you can talk to other teams, players' agents and that sort of thing," Irsay told NFL Network and NFL.com on Monday.

As the rules currently are, according to the CBA, players with expiring contracts are not allowed to talk with other teams. The idea behind the rule change would be to prevent deals happening three hours into the league year, without allowing a player to be on the open market.

The three-day window would be right before the end of the league year. A player's contract expires on the first day of the new league year.

"That's being discussed," Irsay added. "Just being looked at to see. There's just some conversation on that, to see if there might be some tinkering."

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