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Jim Irsay: Indianapolis Colts trade's 'gotta get done soon'

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay has once again taken to Twitter to update Colts fans -- and the NFL world -- with some self-described "random notes."

After leading with an update on a contest for cash and an Andrew Luck jersey, and then explaining that he had not blocked a follower, Irsay steered the conversation towards football.

On Thursday, Irsay said that trade winds were "swirling", but after a day of monitoring the situation, trade winds were "still howlin" on Saturday. Where "whipping fiercely" ranks on a National Weather Service scale is unknown, but it suggests an upgrade.

Irsay is right, however, in that any player acquired at this point in the NFL calendar would have a short time to get up to speed in Bruce Arians' offense or Greg Manusky and Chuck Pagano's defense. Unless that player -- say Mike Wallace or Cary Williams -- has already played for that coordinator or head coach.

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