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Jim Irsay implores Colts to 'find a way' in Twitter rant

The Indianapolis Colts have been blown out in two of the past three weeks. It was only a matter of time before Jim Irsay shared his feelings on the team's uncertain state.

That time became Tuesday. Naturally, it all occurred on Irsay's carnival ride of a Twitter feed.

This is fair.

This analogy went over our heads, but we're sure it checks out. Must keep moving.

Which was all just prelude to the tweet that followed -- better known as the moment things got real.

So yes, Jim Irsay isn't thrilled with the current state of the Indianapolis Colts. We can't blame him, either. As things stand, they have all the looks of a team set up for a one-and-done playoff cameo.

A year ago, that was fine. Now, Irsay expects more.

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