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Jim Harbaugh open to idea of 49ers on 'Hard Knocks'

Near the beginning of a recent "Live for Football" Pepsi commercial, Jim Harbaugh stands at a dry erase board looking like he's about to go all "A Beautiful Mind" on us. During every airing it's difficult not to wonder what genius he's about to scribble on that blank slate.

We might get our answer one day.

Some coaches, like the Arizona Cardinals' Bruce Arians, detest the NFL owners' recent decision to mandate a team for HBO/NFL Films' joint television series "Hard Knocks." Harbaugh, however, came across more positive about the San Francisco 49ers potentially being selected for the show.

Harbaugh said he "found (the show) quite entertaining." He said he'd like to see more set parameters as far as which teams appear, but he spoke surprisingly positive for a man who usually guards his privacy like gold.

How great would it be to get an inside look at the terse, yet ever-entertaining Harbuagh and how he runs his program?

Of course, the is a good chance that Harbaugh spoke positively because he doesn't plan on missing the playoffs, thereby keeping his team out of the running for any mandate. He didn't sound like the 49ers would be volunteering anytime soon.

While we'd watch "Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Sisters of the Poor" there are a few teams, aside from the 49ers, who would top our pipe-dream list:

Denver Broncos: The whole show could just be Peyton Manning in a film room and it still would be fascinating. How about this: "Hard Knocks: Training Camp with Peyton Manning"?

New England Patriots: As Gregg Rosenthal pointed out, it would be like going inside the Kremlin.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Mainly if Greg Schiano still is around saying Schiano things. It would be fascinating to actually see in action what we've heard about second-hand.

Seattle Seahawks: We've already got the "wholesome young couple" angle with Russell and Ashton Wilson. Pete Carroll's surfer vibe and Richard Sherman's loquaciousness would be bonuses.

Below is the section where you disagree with these choices....

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