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Jim Harbaugh connects with Judge Judy (naturally)

How can you not love Jim Harbaugh?

It's easy to respect a man who can turn any news conference into subtle theater. Harbaugh is like the Andy Kaufman of NFL coaches. You're never quite sure he's in on the joke ... which is really the joke itself.

We were reminded of this during Harbaugh's media availability Friday at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. At one point, the San Francisco 49ers coach was asked about players being dishonest during the interview process.

It was a fairly boiler-plate question for this type of event, but Harbaugh gave his reply a signature spin. Harbaugh is very good at providing interesting answers to mundane questions.

"That's big ... to me. I'm a big fan of the 'Judge Judy' show," Harbaugh said. "And when you lie in Judge Judy's courtroom, it's over. Your credibility is completely lost. You stand no chance of winning that case. So, I learned that from her.

"And it's very powerful ... and true. Because if somebody does lie to you, how can you ever trust anything they ever say after that? But, I think there's, and then ... Ronald Reagan, another person of great wisdom and advice: 'Trust, but we will verify.' "

Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid is not giving this answer. Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett never will cite the Cold War sloganeering of our 40th president. New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick won't cop to watching syndicated daytime programming (even if it's all over his DVR.) Harbaugh might come off odd with replies like this, but we dare you to find one person in the world who could care less.

It's quite refreshing, actually.

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