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Jim Harbaugh confident Randy Moss will contribute

In Randy Moss, the San Francisco 49ers have quite the feast or famine proposition on their hands.

But hasn't that always been the way with Moss? The wide receiver's career has included outrageous highs and maddening lows, and the Niners are hoping "Good Randy" shows up in camp next week.

In an interview with KNBR in San Francisco, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh spoke positively of his new playmaker.

"We believe he's got the ability, so he's got that," said Harbaugh, who is already treating Moss like a piece of fine china. "He'll have the license to go out and compete, and we believe that that's what Randy Moss wants to do. The reality, of course, will all play out, and we'll watch that unfold, whatever that is.

"We're betting it's going to be somebody that's going to contribute and be a factor on our football team in a really positive way."

At 35, it's unlikely the 49ers will get vintage Moss, but even a diminished version can be effective. (Think late-period Jerry Rice with the Raiders.)

"I think Randy's got a chance to put a real stamp on his great NFL career, which could be a Hall of Fame career," Harbaugh said. "We'd like to be a small part of that, selfishly, for our team. We'd like to see it be a great year for Randy Moss."

After Niners wideouts finished with one catch for three yards in the NFC Championship Game, Harbaugh better hope his hunch is right.

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