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Jim Brown criticizes Randy Lerner, Cleveland franchise

Jim Brown has not been shy of late when it comes to criticizing members of the organization he helped define.

He has taken onCleveland Browns President Mike Holmgren. He was not impressed with the Browns' selection of Trent Richardson. In an interview with NFL Network's "NFL Total Access" on Friday, Brown criticized owner Randy Lerner's management style.

"I think that the owner, and I have to be very candid with you, is trying to turn all the power over to someone else. I don't think that's possible," Brown said. "I think that the owner is ultimately going to be the leader and I think until Randy takes that position, it's going to be difficult.

"Holmgren is a fine executive, but he is not the owner, and I think the players know that. So I think the players feel that they don't have that top dog sitting there in that office so they can feel that they have great leadership from the top. There's always a question mark when your owner is in England."

Holmgren does take on responsibilities that are unique for a man in his position. He often represents the Browns at the league's owners' meetings instead of Lerner.

Right or wrong, Holmgren truly is the one under the most pressure to turn around the organization. That's not necessarily a bad thing, and the team has drafted very well the past two years despite its poor win-loss record.

We reached out to the Browns for comment, but they declined. They are surely tired of hearing Brown take on the organization. (The team and Brown had a falling out after perceived slights in 2010.)

Browns fans also have likely grown tired of Brown's attacks on his longtime employer.

Then again, speaking his mind always defined Brown. That attitude made him alternately beloved, feared, and respected during his playing days. Not much has changed.

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