Jets will skip Color Rush in service of the color blind

The NFL has found its solution to the color-blind conundrum in Thursday night matchups involving the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills.

First, a refresher: In Week 10 of last season, the NFL debuted its "Color Rush" uniforms in a matchup between the AFC East rivals at MetLife Stadium. The Jets in all green, the Bills in all red. The pairing was a Christmas nightmare for those affected with red-green color blindness.

"When Ryan Fitzpatrick threw his first pass of the night, it looked to me like two different Jets teammates went for the ball," colorblind colleague Gregg Rosenthal wrote at the time.

The solution, it turns out, is simple. One of the teams -- the Jets -- won't wear Color Rush gear.

Eric Allen of the Jets' team site reported Wednesday that the host Bills will be in the same all-red uniform they wore last November. The Jets were instructed by the NFL not to wear their full kelly green get-up. Instead, the Jets will be dressed in all white with some extra touches for the occasion.

"In the spirit of participating in the program, we have tried to do some things to honor the initiative -- the white facemask, the white gloves, the white shoes and the white socks with no stripes," said Chris Pierce, the team's senior director of fan commerce.

"The white jerseys did not have any changes to it, the white pants did not have any changes to it," Pierce added. "This is our normal white jersey and white pants, so the numbers and the letters are our dark hunter green. They are not the Color Rush green."

The Bills got jokes.

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