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Jets: Team employee videotaping Pats game broke no rules

Much has been made of this photo, showing a Jets employee filming Sunday's loss to the Patriots from New York's sideline.

Four years after New England's videotaping scandal rocked the NFL, it's hard to imagine that any team -- especially the Jets, against the Pats -- would so boldly record game action from the field, right?

Wrong. The Jets operated within the league guidelines in what NFL spokesman Greg Aiello labeled a "nonissue" Tuesday morning.

Jets spokesman Bruce Speight told on Tuesday that "the cameraman in the picture works for Jets TV, is wearing a green vest and shoots footage for our team programming."

NFL Network's Albert Breer pointed to the league's 2011 policy on sideline media access, which clarifies that this type of recording is permitted:

"Club video crews and video crews from television stations that produce and telecast club-licensed programming (e.g. coaches' shows, team magazine-style shows, etc.) may also be permitted to have a camera on the sidelines to shoot footage for those club-licensed programs only.

"Home and visiting club-related sideline video personnel (those shooting for coaches' shows and team programming, scoreboard cameras, etc.) will wear lime-green vests."

Lime-green vest? Check.

Massive controversy averted? Check.

Moving on.

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