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Jets take out full-page ad to congratulate Giants

Last April, Rex Ryan released a book bragging that the Jets had toppled the Giants to become the "big brother" in New York.

Please find the grisly evidence in the paragraph below (Jets fans, feel free to skip ahead to the fourth paragraph):

"We came to New York City to be the best team in the NFL, not just the best team in New York City," Ryan wrote in "Play Like You Mean It" (now available at multiple online outlets at a steep discount). "And I have news for you: We are the better team. We're the big brother. ... It seems clear that right now we are the better team and we are going to remain the better team for the next 10 years. Whether you like it or not, those are the facts and that's what is going to happen."

Ryan, as you likely know by now, was wrong. The Jets came close to taking the mantle of the city's most relevant team after back-to-back trips to the AFC Championship Game, but a crushing Christmas Eve loss to the Giants coupled with the result of Sunday's Super Bowl left no doubt of the pecking order in Gotham.

It's not a pleasant time for the Jets, but perhaps a silver lining is that all this humble pie could've done the franchise some good. Case in point: The team was the only one to issue a statement immediately following the Super Bowl, then took out a full-page ad in the New York Daily News on Tuesday congratulating the Giants on their victory over the Patriots.

The ad -- tweeted out by Darren Rovell -- reads as follows: "Congratulations to the Mara and Tisch families, Jerry Reese, Tom Coughlin and the entire organization on winning Super Bowl XLVI. You played with passion and toughness, capturing a hard-earned and well-deserved championship."

A good start to be sure, but all it takes is one exuberant Ryan press conference to undo all this image rehab.

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