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Jets' Revis doesn't hold a grudge toward WFAN's Francesa

Think Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis wanted to discuss anything having to do with last week's game after his 64-yard interception return this week helped New York earn a 27-21 win over the Chargers on Sunday?

Probably not, but he still did, just so he could clear the air about his epic on-air meltdown with WFAN-AM host Mike Francesa.

In case you forgot: Francesa thought Revis interfered with Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall on a 100-yard interception return for a touchdown last week. Revis thought it was clean, as the non-call would suggest. And when Francesa wouldn't stop trying to get Revis to admit otherwise, a very memorable heated exchange arose.

"I just wanted to stress my point, and he stressed his point, and none of us backed down," Revis told Newsday. "I don't dislike Mike. He knows my agent [Neil Schwartz] very well. He had his opinion, I had mine."

The exchange between Francesa and Revis got so out of hand that Jets public relations assistant Jared Winley interjected, telling Revis to hang up -- much to our disappointment, we might add. Had it been up to Revis, though, he said he would've continued to stand his ground.

"That wasn't my call," Revis said. "Jets PR told me to get off the phone. It was their call."

Now, for the big question: When can we catch Francesa interviewing Revis again? Because that's something we wouldn't want to miss.

"I don't know, I don't know," Revis said. "We'll see what happens in the future, but like I said, I don't dislike Mike. It kind of blew out of proportion.

"It's nothing personal. I just felt we shouldn't have been talking about that in the first place because it was Friday, and I'm trying to get ready for San Diego. But he brought it up, and I stood my ground, and he stood his."

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