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Jets receiver: Tim Tebow brings fastball to workouts

If the New York Jets end up using an offense that features passes from both Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow, receivers must prepare themselves for some fastballs mixed with changeups.

Jeremy Kerley, currently the No. 2 wide receiver on the Jets' depth chart, has begun working with Tebow and notes a stark difference in the deliveries of the two high-profile QBs.

"Different than Mark, different than Mark," Kerley said Wednesday, according to The Star-Ledger. "(Tebow's) ball comes out a little bit stronger, but he's accurate, he's more accurate than what I thought he was going to be. But he's a good dude, he has a great personality, he'll bring a lot of personality to the team."

How much more mustard does Tebow have on his throws?

"A lot, a lot more velocity," Kerley said. "No diss to Mark, he brings it, man."

Sanchez has been criticized for plenty of things, but a lack of arm strength isn't one of them. He's capable of making all the necessary NFL throws and proved (at least during his time with Braylon Edwards) that he can throw a nice deep ball.

Accuracy, not arm strength, always will be the issue with Tebow. Bottom line: He's not unseating Sanchez (or anybody else) until he substantially improves his 47.3 percent career completion percentage.

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