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Jets QB Sanchez again proves that even when he loses, he wins

Say what you will about Mark Sanchez, but the man knows how to take advantage of the perks that go with being one of New York's most eligible bachelors.

Case in point: The New York Post reported Wednesday the Jets quarterback has been -- and let's use the Post's words here -- "keeping time with curvaceous beauty Kate Upton."

Feel free to define "keeping time" however you'd like. It's probably not backgammon.

If you don't know Upton (liar), she's a model for both Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated. This essentially makes her the Bo Jackson of her industry.

According to the Post, Sanchez has made numerous visits to Upton's Flatiron apartment since November, arriving in a black chauffeur-driven Navigator. It was just last week that Sanchez was said to have spent time with two different women over a night at a posh Manhattan hotel.

"They never come in together. He's always five steps after her," a source said of the Upton trysts, adding that the QB "often hides under a woolly hat."

Clearly, Sanchez is attempting to emulate Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter in more ways than one.

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