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Jets QB Brunell plays Tebow role in preparation for Broncos

Many moons ago, Mark Brunell was one of the NFL's more elusive quarterbacks.

The 41-year-old's mobility no longer strikes fear into the hearts of men, but when the Jets needed someone to play the Tim Tebow role in practice this week, in preparation for Thursday's showdown with the Broncos, Brunell was the guy for the job.

The idea of Tebow unleashing some sort of air extravaganza against Darrelle Revis and the Jets is the stuff of fantasy, but New York does not underestimate Timmy's feet.

Tebow's rolled up 320 rushing yards for an attack that tends to deny the existence of a passing game. As a second-year pro (way back in 1995), a fresher-faced Brunell started 13 games for the newly-minted Jaguars, rushing for 480 yards in the process.

And that's why Brunell was such an asset in practice. 


"I'm left-handed and (Tebow) is left-handed," Brunell joked to The Associated Press on Tuesday, "and that's about it right there."

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