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Jets players still have confidence in struggling offense

The New York Jets are on life support, and the process has already begun in finding out who's to blame.

Mark Sanchez has been a common punching bag this season, and his performance against the Giants didn't help. Rex Ryan's reputation has taken a hit with big talk that produced mediocrity. Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer might be more widely vilified than either of them.

Two days after a suspect gameplan that included a career-high 59 passes by Sanchez, Jets players came to the defense of Schottenheimer, who is likely the most vulnerable if the Jets decide to make changes in the offseason.

"I've always been happy with his playcalling," Jets tight end Dustin Keller said, according to the New York Daily News. "I think he's a great coordinator."

Keller, who seemed to be Sanchez's only target for long stretches of Saturday's loss, remains a supporter of both his quarterback and offensive coordinator.

"I don't agree with those things," Keller said of the vitriol directed at Schottenheimer and Sanchez. "I've always been very happy with both of them. They've done a great job. ... We're not really thinking about that. The guys upstairs (in the front office), we don't know where their heads are."

Sanchez struggled mightily against the Giants, finishing with a 54.2 passer rating while taking an unacceptable safety late in the game that buried his team. Jets guard Matt Slauson made it clear he's still behind his quarterback.

"If you look at what Mark has done since he's been here, he is an amazing quarterback," Slauson said, referring to the back-to-back deep playoff runs that began his career. "We haven't lost any confidence in anyone."

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