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Jets on Trent Richardson rumor: 'It's ridiculous'

Remember that fun rumor about the New York Jets and Alabama running back Trent Richardson from earlier Wednesday? It's time to poke that one with a few holes.

The Jets allowed ESPN's Sal Palantonio to view their draft board, which had Richardson as the No. 1 player. Richardson also said the team asked for his information so it could call him on draft day if it trades up from No. 16 to take him.

This all seems a little too convenient. Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News spoke to one Jets official who said, "It's ridiculous." The Jets like Richardson, but the cost to move up high enough to get him would be way too prohibitive.

So why would this leak out?

  1. Rex Ryan, Tony Sparano and Richardson all share the same agent. It could have been a favor.
  1. The Jets have an insatiable craving for attention. They're like the hottest girl in school who wears something particularly revealing if she doesn't feel enough eyeballs on her the day before.

So now we're paying attention. Back pages are being constructed as we speak. Jets win.

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