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Jets' Mangold cedes spotlight to Olympic-bound sister

Nick Mangold's title as most famous member of his family is in grave danger.

That's because Holley Mangold, Nick's 22-year-old physical marvel of a sister, has just qualified as a weightlifter on the U.S. Olympic team headed to the London Games this summer.

Holley punched her ticket for the Bob Costas Variety Hour thanks to a clutch performance at the U.S. Olympic Women's Weightlifting Team Trials on Sunday. She won the clean and jerk competition with a lift of 145 kilos (319 pounds) and was second in the two-hand snatch with a 110-kilo hoist (242 pounds).

"I always wanted to be an Olympic athlete, but I always thought I'd get it for diving or gymnastics," Holley said, according to the Dayton Daily News. "I always wanted to be one of those girls, but my body just didn't work out for that, so I had to go to a different sport."

Holley stands at 5-foot-8 and 374 pounds, easily outbulking Nick, a perennial Pro Bowl center for the Jets listed at 6-foot-4 and 307.

Holley and Nick's father, Vern Mangold, provided some interesting perspective on repute and the family.

"As I travel around the world and talk to people who know about athletics, nobody knows about American football outside of the main countries," Vern said. "But they know weightlifting all over the world.

"Holley was a rock star in Colombia," he went on. "She had Russian guys following her all around Romania. And if you do well in the Olympics, well, that (acclaim) is international."

(Smash cut to Nick power-lifting with his right arm while downing a massive protein shake with his left. "Sorry I'm not good enough for the people of Romania, DAD!!!")

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