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Jets interested in Tebow, but Cromartie disagrees

Antonio Cromartie doesn't get paid to make roster decisions for the Jets, but that didn't stop him from sharing his opinion on one very famous piece of trade bait.

"We don't need (Tim) Tebow," Cromartie wrote Tuesday on Twitter. "We sell out every home game let him go to Jacksonville Tampa or Miami. Our wildcat offense can b ran by J. Kerley or Joe McKnight we straight."

The Jets are believed to be one of the teams interested in a trade with the Broncos that would land Tebow, who was pushed out of a job by Peyton Manning in Denver. On Tuesday, a team source told the New York Daily News, "We are players in the Tebow race." The source added, "He would be an answer to (our) locker room problems," which might just be the most baffling statement we've heard in some time.

The Jets still have a need at backup quarterback, and team owner Woody Johnson and general manager Mike Tannenbaum have proven in the past (Brett Favre, Plaxico Burress) they're unafraid to make a move that will guarantee back-page love in the tabloids (if not on-field success).

But would Tebow actually be a good fit in New York? It depends what you're looking for. He's certainly equipped to run the Wildcat offense, and offensive coordinator Tony Sparano is absolutely the man to teach it. But the Wildcat is the NFL equivalent of Crocs -- everywhere then nowhere in the blink of an eye.

And what about the Mark Sanchez factor? The QB -- who recently received a meaty extension with the team -- is coming off a disappointing season and hasn't always exhibited the thickest of skin. If Sanchez struggles in a Week 3 loss at the Meadowlands that drops the Jets to 1-2, how well will he handle 75,000 angry tri-staters chanting "TE-BOW, TE-BOW, TE-BOW"?

We're guessing not well.

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