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Jets' Holmes unimpressed with Patriots' defensive efforts

C'mon, Rex Ryan, say something!

It has been awfully quiet in the hours leading up to Sunday's clash between the Patriots and Jets. But New York's Santonio Holmes finally broke the silence Wednesday, ripping New England's struggling defense.

"The numbers speak for themselves about how well they're not playing," the wide receiver told reporters Wednesday, via ESPN New York.

Holmes then took a shot at the equally mouthy Joe Namath, who has spent an inordinate amount of time dishing out his opinion on the Jets' disastrous two-game skid.

"Joe Namath doesn't work for the New York Jets," Holmes said. "He doesn't coach here. He doesn't have anything positive to say about us. We can't feed into what he talks about on the outside to the media."

It has been a bang-up week for old Holmes. After the embarrassing Ravens loss Sunday night, he was critical of the team's offensive line and Mark Sanchez's inability to find his playmakers, something the quarterback told The Star-Ledger he has put in the rearview mirror.

"Moving forward, that won't happen," Sanchez said. "We've talked about it, and those individual improvements and stuff, that happens on a personal level. You go with your coaches, and you go through your reads, and I'm going to get better. That kind of stuff doesn't go past this locker room."

In review: Outside of Holmes' preternatural ability to produce bulletin-board fodder, the Jets -- for once -- are keeping a lid on it. Whether or not they can stick to it, we'll see. Highly peculiar behavior from the men in green.

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