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Jets coach Ryan talks role as Pats fan in future Sandler movie

Let's preface this story about Rex Ryan and Adam Sandler by alleviating your fears. The New York Jets coach does not have a role in the former "Saturday Night Live" star's new crossdressing movie.

(Deep exhale.)

Ryan recently shot a scene for a future Sandler project in which the coach plays a lawyer with an allegiance to the New England Patriots. Sandler spoke about the cameo this week on "The Rich Eisen Podcast".

Ryan was asked about his performance during his typically light-hearted Friday meeting with local reporters.

"I'm not going to make a guarantee that there's an Oscar coming, I'm not making that guarantee," said Ryan, who is trying to stick to his recent guarantee of no more guarantees. "But DeNiro, Ryan, I don't know, you have to see the movie and let me know what you think."

Jets safety Jim Leonhard sounded skeptical about Ryan going Hollywood.

"I hope it's funny, at least," Leonhard said, according to The Associated Press. "Otherwise, he's kind of a sellout for money."

Asked if it was a stretch to play a fan of the Jets' biggest rival, Ryan gave the reporter his best "Taxi Driver" impression.

"You talkin' to me?"

Start planning your Oscar speech, Rex. We've got a feeling about this one.

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