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Jerry Jones sees himself in Dez Bryant's off-field 'slips'

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones frequently is asked to comment on the on-field (and off-field) handiwork of wide receiver Dez Bryant.

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Bryant's inconsistent play is a microcosm of the Cowboys' problems, and his extracurricular activities have delivered more than a few headaches for the team. Jones continues to show faith in the third-year pass-catcher and told NBC's Bob Costas he even sees a little of himself in the young man.

"He is getting better. He's better as a player," Jones said, via The Dallas Morning News. "(He) certainly continues to make some mistakes, make some bad judgments out there, but he's doing better. He's worth it. He's worth it. Let me be real clear about that.

"He can help this team win. The same thing is true off the field. I do see that he's evolving. He's more aware. He's doing the kinds of things that you'd expect somebody 24 to -- think about at the time, but now think about what I just said -- you'd expect somebody 24 to think about at the time. (I) had a few slips when I was in that age range myself."

Jones repeatedly has supported Bryant, but the Cowboys still are waiting for him become the player they believed -- and suggested -- he'd become. It hasn't materialized in full, but we've seen hints of what could be. It's up to Bryant to decide what this evolution leads to in Dallas.

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