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Jerry Jones laughs about personal eyeglass cleaner

Had the Dallas Cowboys lost their regular-season opener against the New York Giants, it's unlikely Jerry Jones would fancy talking about the moment NBC cameras captured a man in his luxury box cleaning his eyeglasses Wednesday night.

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But since the Cowboys held off the Giants, all is well in the Jerrahworld. A "no comment" becomes raucous radio banter.

"Had you told me last week that we're going to be able to laugh and smile about this and it be something fun and notable to talk about, I would have taken that in a minute," Jones cracked Friday, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "I was about to die up there. About to swallow my tongue."

Instead, it's Shy Anderson whose tongue is somewhere in his digestive track right now. Anderson was the poor guy who offered to clean his father-in-law's glasses, becoming a viral sensation in the process.

Jones said Anderson is a "vital part" of the organization. According to an ESPN report, Anderson is in charge of other businesses affiliated with Jones' empire.

"We're having fun with it, too," Jones said. "And one of the great things about him, he does have a big-time sense of humor. We're having more fun about how ridiculous it is. But it's fun. Let's keep it going."

Meanwhile, Shy Anderson can look forward to people mockingly dangling their glasses in his face for, oh, the next 45 years or so. Keep it going indeed!

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