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Jerry Jones, here are the Cowboys' worst seasons

A woman is suing the Cowboys after burning her posterior and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says last season was the most disappointing in his entire tenure as team owner.

Breer: Disappointment in Big D

Jerry Jones tells Albert Breer last season was "the most disappointing year" of his entire Cowboys tenure. **More ...**

Yep, just another day with the Dallas Cowboys.

"The main thing here is it isn't about five years from now, four years from now," Jones told and NFL Network's Albert Breer. "It's about this year. That's the way I addressed the personnel, those were now decisions. (Signing free agent Brandon) Carr's a now decision. For that matter, (trading up to draft Morris) Claiborne was a now decision."

That urgency came after what Jones believed was the team's biggest let down of a season yet.

"We had the goods. We had the quarterback, he had the season. We were positioned, in my mind, to go further and really make a run at it," Jones said.

Really? The 2011 Cowboys didn't really excel at anything. It had a mid-level defense and a mediocre offense overall. Even the flashy passing game was barely above average. 8-8 seemed about a game under what we'd expect, although losing four of the last five games was difficult to swallow.

We'd argue there have been far more disappointing years in Jones' tenure:

  1. 2007: The team finished 13-3, earned the No. 1 seed, dominated the Pro Bowl roster, and didn't win a playoff game.
  1. 1997: The triplets were still in full effect. They were only three years removed from a title. And they went 6-10!
  1. 2008: The follow-up to that huge playoff meltdown in 2007 was to go 9-7 and miss the playoffs with the same talent.
  1. 2006: Bill Parcells' last team outscored its opponents by 75 points, yet only went 9-7 before Tony Romo's famous fumbled snap in Seattle.
  1. The entire Dave Campo era.
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