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Jerry Jones: Dallas Cowboys' D should 'take more risk'

After a four-quarter rampage Monday night that featured the Chicago Bears marching up and down the field at will against the defense of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones is calling for tweaks.

The Dallas owner told reporters after the 45-28 romp that it's time for defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin's players "to take more risk."

"We can do some things different out there," Jones said, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "It's not as safe, but it could be more effective maybe -- get us a turnover when it might have made a difference and change the tide out there.

"I'll assure you that we'll be doing some different things up against Green Bay ... that'll be a little different cast of players out here."

Jones acknowledged that Monday night's assault was shocking, not unlike the flood of points the New Orleans Saints rained down on Dallas four weeks ago.

This time it wasn't Drew Brees, but 34-year-old Bears quarterback Josh McCown torching the Cowboys' secondary with throws all over the field to Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery. McCown ran a clinic on Dallas, becoming the first Chicago passer since Jack Concannon in 1970 to throwforfourscores and run for another.

Beyond Jones' comments not making much sense, he's long overdue for a pensive, honest gaze into the mirror. After all, he's solely responsible for sending former defensive coordinator Rob Ryan to the bread line in favor of Kiffin, whose once-celebrated approach to defense hasn't clicked with a team eaten alive for 490 yards Monday night and threatening to allow more yardage than any other squad in the history of the NFL.

This one's on Jerry.

UPDATE: Asked Tuesday about the job security of his defensive staff, Jones told KRLD-FM, per ProFootballTalk: "To fix what we're doing, there's nobody I'd rather have than (Monte Kiffin) and (defensive line coach) Rod Marinelli, and where we are today to get this fixed over the next week, two weeks, three weeks. ... First of all, (Kiffin) knows what we're doing better than anyone, and if there are adjustments to be made, he's the right man for the job right now."

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