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Jerry Jones: Cowboys' Tony Romo will get more power

INDIANAPOLIS -- Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett is entering the final year of his coaching contract. It doesn't sound like owner Jerry Jones is overly concerned about it.

"(Garrett) has a high tolerance for ambiguity," Jones told reporters.

Jones held court with local reporters for two and a half hours Sunday on the Cowboys' official team bus here in Indianapolis. (That preceding sentence says so much.)

Because Jones touched on so many interesting topics, especially concerning new offensive coordinator Scott Linehan, let's break this down "What we learned" style.

  1. "(Tony) Romo will have more power under Linehan," Jones said via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "Romo was ecstatic about Linehan ... They will be joined at the hip."

More power for Romo and Linehan means less power for Garrett. Linehan will truly run the show on offense with Garrett having far less say.

Jones revealed that Garrett was essentially the offensive coordinator last season, even though Bill Callahan had the title. Garrett even called the plays, especially in the red zone, despite the Cowboys' constant public statements that Garrett was giving up play-calling. That became a problem for Callahan.

Now Linehan will have final say on the offense. Garrett will focus more on the defense, special teams and all the other responsibilities of a head coach. It seems like Garrett's role changes every season.

  1. Jones indicated he was comfortable with Garrett entering the year as a lame-duck coach. If the team starts slow, the chatter about Garrett's hot seat will be massive.

"The plan for him is to be coach of the Dallas Cowboys long term, certainly beyond this year," Jones said via the San Antonio Express-News.

Money talks. Without a new contract, Garrett is clearly in a win-or-else year.

  1. The Cowboys are "assuming" backup quarterback Kyle Orton will play next season despite some rumors about possible retirement.
  1. Jones can't "fathom" a Cowboys defense without DeMarcus Ware. So his spot on the team should be safe, as expected. Still, Jones pointed out that the highest-paid player on the defense needs to be on the field more. The team hasn't approached Ware about a pay cut, at least to this point.
  1. Don't assume the Cowboys are taking defense in the first round.

"Don't discount a good offensive lineman that is high on your board," Jones said.

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