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Jay-Z: 'Don't make me laugh' about NFLPA probe

Covering agents and the intricacies of labor developments is a part of our job at Around The League, but it's not exactly the coolest part. There's a reason why fans don't wear jerseys of their favorite agents.

Leave it to Jay-Z, the newest kinda-sorta agent in the game, to add some heat to the industry.

"NFL investigations/Oh don't make me laugh/FBI investigation /We stood up to that," Mr. Carter raps on his upcoming song "La Familia," as pointed out by Conor Orr of The Star-Ledger.

The investigation Jay-Z brushes off involves the NFL Players Association's look into whether rules were broken when he allegedly helped recruit Victor Cruz and Geno Smith to his new agency. Jay-Z is not an NFLPA-licensed agent.

Lil Wayne's Frank Gore line from "Da Drought 3" is my favorite NFL rap-song shoutout of all time, but I'm willing to change my mind if Jay-Z name checks DeMaurice Smith.

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