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Jay Cutler vows to return this season for Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith said Tuesday Jay Cutler's chances of playing Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings were "looking good."

But nothing has been decided yet. Cutler is willing to promise one thing, though:

"I will play again this year," Cutler said Tuesday on ESPN 1000 via the Chicago Sun-Times. "No doubt about that."

Cutler has not been cleared to play this week, but he says he's feeling fine.

"I feel good," Cutler said. "As normal as could be. We're going through the process."

While Jason Campbell suffered through his worst nightmare" about the 49ers, Cutler was watching at home.

"I felt bad for the guy. It's a hard situation to be in. ... He's expected to perform at a high level. But I don't think [the offense] gave him a fair shot."

We were reminded again how Cutler carries a terrible offensive line and shaky offensive coordinator on his shoulders. It's hard to see the Bears as one of the elite teams in the NFL when that is the case.

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