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Jay Cutler, Tony Romo on most-disliked athletes list

We love Jay Cutler. He's the NFL's preeminent villain. But the Chicago Bears' quarterback also looks -- and sometimes acts -- like an antagonist from your favorite 1980s movie.

That reality comes with a certain amount of blowback. Case in point: Cutler has been named by Forbes as the fourth-most disliked athlete in America.

Based on recent public surveys from Nielsen Sports and market research firm E-Poll, Cutler trails only cyclist Lance Armstrong (noted PED cheat), Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o (noted Internet fiasco figure) and golfer Tiger Woods (noted philander machine). Michael Vick, the Philadelphia Eagles' signal-caller, came in at No. 7 for obvious reasons.

The list was rounded out by Tony Romo, which makes no sense. The Dallas Cowboys' quarterback is affable and easy-going, a good and productive teammate who's never had an issue with Johnny Law.

But he isTony Romo, which apparently was enough.

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