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Jay Cutler, Ryan Tannehill had key throws in Week 12

*Gregg Rosenthal picks the five throws that explain the week every Monday. Marc Sessler already knocked out the defining five runs. *

The play below shows why Jay Cutler is the difference between a playoff-bound Chicago Bears team and 4-12. Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen easily beats his man, Cutler quickly rolls out to avoid Allen and delivers a dart into a non-existent window right before Allen slams Cutler. Jason Campbell would have been sacked at three different points in this play. The Bears went on to win 28-10.

I wish everyone that slogged through the Miami Dolphins-Buffalo Bills game  on "Thursday Night Football" would watch Ryan Tannehill's fourth-quarter performance against the Seattle Seahawks. The final 15 minutes of Miami's 24-21 win over the Seahawks included two 80-yard touchdown drives and a game-winning, 92-second field goal drive from their own 10-yard line. There were a lot of decisive, accurate throws that showed off Tannehill's arm, like the one below.

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III doesn't just give his receivers a chance to make a catch; he usually puts it on the perfect shoulder. "That is outstanding ball placement," Greg Cosell just said somewhere. The Redskins topped the Dallas Cowboys, 38-31.

Deep accuracy used to be a question mark for Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan. Now it seems like a speciality. The ball comes out of his hand so fast here, and Julio Jones runs it down. Ryan bounced back from his interception barrage with a very nice performance in Tampa to get the Falcons to 10-1.

Eli Manning gave us a lot of highlights to choose from in the New York Giants' demolition of the Green Bay Packers. We chose this one because it shows off Manning's velocity and Hakeem Nicks' return to health. It's one of the few plays Eli didn't get flawless protection on the night, as a defender is pushed into his lap as he throws. The Giants could wrap up the NFC East next week.

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