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Jay Cutler not exactly sentimental about Lovie Smith

When Jay Cutler learned his coach, Lovie Smith, had been fired Monday, the Chicago Bears quarterback said he was "surprised" and "shocked."

He also said "change isn't always a bad thing," according to the Chicago Tribune.

Those aren't exactly words of deep support for Smith, but if you expected schmaltz and sentimentality, go talk to Devin Hester. Jay Cutler is a different bird.

The Bears finished 28th in the NFL in offense this season and perpetually have been an offensive bottom-dweller during Cutler's four years in Chicago. Cutler admitted to feeling like he let down Smith.

"Absolutely," Cutler said. "I take a lot of pride in the way I play, and offensively, we didn't show up in the last four years for him, and a lot of that blame's going to be on me. As soon as I heard he was fired, there was instant regret in what we could have done and what we should have done."

Given the team's struggles to consistently move the football, it's logical Chicago will seek to bring in an offensive-minded coach. If the Bears do that, and Cutler and the offense still struggles, it could be the quarterback's turn to exit stage left.

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