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Jay Cutler, Mike Tice unhappy with Chicago Bears' line

The Chicago Bears' offensive line was embarrassed on national television Monday night. Quarterback Jay Cutler and offensive coordinator Mike Tice piled on a little Wednesday.

"It really doesn't matter who is calling plays if you're not blocking people," Tice said. "Bottom line."

That explanation is convenient for Tice, who runs one of the easiest offenses to defend in the NFL. He repeatedly failed to give right tackle Gabe Carimi help against Aldon Smith. Now Tice indicated changes could be coming to the offensive line. Carimi is the most likely guy to lose his job. It sounds like Jonathan Scott will replace him.

Cutler, who isn't sure if he'll play this week, was asked if the Bears can win with the way the offensive line is playing.

"The way they played against the 49ers, no," he said. "We're not going to be successful against anybody playing like that. But I don't think that's who they are. I think they're better than that."

Cutler had some suggestions for this week's game.

"We're going to have to do some stuff protection wise: Chip, slam some guys, get the backs involved, tight ends, be smart with our play calling and try and limit second-and-long, third-and-long," he said. "There's a lot of things to do, but ultimately, there's going to be some times where we're going to have to let those five block and they're going to have to do their job as well."

The Bears' second half could go from troubling to full meltdown mode if they lose to the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. Even if the Bears make the playoffs, we have a hard time seeing this line holding up against the great defensive fronts of the NFC.

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