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Jay Cutler, Mike Tice reportedly spoke through liaison

Jay Cutler is no stranger to infighting with his coaching staff, be it with the Chicago Bears or Denver Broncos.

Cutler forced his way out of Denver after hearing reports that then-coach Josh McDaniels was working back channels to trade for Matt Cassel.

Prior to pitching that fit, Cutler reportedly reacted to the Broncos losing offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates to the college ranks by asking for a trade.

So it comes as no surprise that a major rift developed last season between the veteran quarterback and former Bears offensive coordinator Mike Tice. The communication between the two broke down to the point that backup quarterback Josh McCown was forced to serve as a "liaison," Comcast SportsNet Chicago reported.

"I was just talking to McCown this morning," Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall said this week, "and one of the things we said is it's so cool to come to work where it's not one of those things where it's dreadful."

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Cutler petulantly blew off Tice during an early season victory over the Dallas Cowboys, but both men insisted afterward that the incident was overblown. It's not clear why the two stopped talking or whether it was Cutler or Tice who instigated the freeze-out.

Cutler was portrayed as an immature diva in the 2006 book, "A Few Seconds of Panic," in which author Stefan Fatsis spent the summer as a kicker with the Broncos. It will be hard for Cutler to shed that reputation if he continues to feud with his coaches.

Fortunately for Bears fans, Cutler is getting along swimmingly with the new coaching staff.

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