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Jay Cutler: I shouldn't have bumped J'Marcus Webb

Jay Cutler has his own radio show in Chicago. We can't say this is a great situation for the Chicago Bears, but it's certainly entertaining for the rest of us.

The quarterback is coming off one of those games, the ones during which Cutler gets his butt kicked, and the Bears are blown out of the building in a big spot. The latest chapter featured a nice bit of accoutrement: Cutler jawing at, and even physically bumping his struggling left tackle, J'Marcus Webb.

"I probably shouldn't have bumped him," Cutler said during a sometimes playful, sometimes testy Q&A session. "You know, I'll go with that. As far as me yelling at him and trying to get him going in the game, I don't regret that. Shouldn't have bumped him. I'll stick to that."

Cutler declined to discuss the specifics of any conversations he's had with Webb, but said he's talked with each of the Bears' offensive linemen individually.

"I think that is between me and J'Marcus," Cutler said. "It's in the past and we're moving on. He's our left tackle, he's my left tackle. I expect him each and every week to play at a certain level and I think he expects himself to play that well, too."

Cutler wouldn't take the bait when asked about comments by Packers safety Charles Woodson, who called Cutler's four-interception performance on Thursday, "Same old Jay."

"I'm not a fan like you," Cutler said, audibly perterbed. "I'm not gonna read every single part of stuff, what people say and go, 'Oh, he's right. Maybe I should call him and say something.' ... It's not how it's gonna go down."

And to think, we've only just completed Week 2. It's going to be a fun season in Chi-city.

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